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eZ Performance Logger

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezperformancelogger Gaetano Giunta beta 0.12.0 4.4+, 5.xLS
The swiss-army knife of eZ Publish performance tracing and profiling

An extension dedicated to measuring time taken, memory consumed, number of queries executed by every single page on an eZ Publish powered site. It can trace custom variables too.

Tracing performance indicators

  • logs total time used, memory usage and nr. of queries per page (into the Apache access logs or in a custom log file or in google analytics or piwik or odoscope or statsd, or using monolog)
  • can log any custom value set by the developer (via php or tpl code)
  • comes with a script to parse that info from access log and create csv files for easy usage with spreadsheet programs


  • eases usage of XHProf for profiling by adding template operators to start/stop profiling and a complete GUI within the eZ Administration Interface

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