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eZ DBug

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezdbug Brookins Consulting stable 0.0.1 >= 3.3
eZ DBug is a true eZ publish extension that provides simple, styled variable dump debug output features.

These features are available as template operators and php class object methods. This code is very simple to customize to meet your own tastes and needs!

Please review the extension contents to better understand the basis for this solution as a reference.


Source code

You can obtain the source code for this extension on GitHub


Alternatively you may obtain a copy of the latest packaged edition from the downloads for this project.


The best documentation can be found via

You can also find eZ DBug documentation in the doc/ subdirectory of the extension.


Details on installing eZ DBug are located in the file doc/INSTALL.


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eZ DBug : Screenshot : Example #001
eZ DBug : Screenshot : Example #001

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