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* Fixed translation of anchor Name attribute
* Implemented inline phpdoc for classes and functions
* Fixed translation of link link-type and view selections
* Implemented #14424: Improvements of list of link types
* Enable sub / sup / justify buttons by default and disable justify
buttons on 4.0.x
* Pack javascript files used in dialogs to speed up the dialogs a
* Fixed bug #14649: IE inserts hostname when protocol is wrong
* Added jpn-JP translation
* Fixed bug #14670: Embed relations are not removed when embed tag
IMPORTANT: Apply update/database/5.0/dbupdate-5.0.0-to-5.0.1.sql to fix
inconsistency in database (if you have used ezoe prior to version
* Updated Tango icons to v0.8.90
* Added support for IsInline[]=image setting for custom
tags with no content (or actual images)
* Allow siteaccess to override ezoe.ini SkinVariant setting
* Fixed #14728: Space between links are removed
* Fixed: extra empty paragraphs generated when inserting embed object
and literal tags
* Updated tinyMCE to 3.2.3
(see changelog.txt for changes since unstable versions)
Changes from OE 4.x:
* No more paper clip, now you see the relations as they will be on the
web page excluding styling(Note: you can still re enable an improved
paper clip by enabling CompatibilityMode in ezoe.ini)
* Page break supported as custom tag (view template not included)
* underline|sub|sup tags supported directly with buttons as custom
* custom attributes can now be defined as specific datatypes
(selection, int, colorpicker..)
* Buttons and plugins for TinyMCE can be customized in ini file
* Editor is skin able
* images has a unique button to make it more user friendly for new
* right click menu is gone, you can now use your Firefox spell checker

* path is now click able(to open properties for that tag), and shows a
simplified ez xml tag name all the time
* custom tags are now more style able within the editor ( tag name is
now class attribute instead of name attribute internally in the
editor )
* Image types are now defined with ClassIdentifier instead of just
* You can now define GUI name on image filters, and hide the ones you
don't want to be selectable in the editor
* All image filters of type scale / crop now shows the size (140x80)
alongside the name in the editor
* You can limit the selectable class list pr eZ Publish class type for
embed and embed-inline tags
* You can adjust the height of the editor by dragging the bottom right
corner or click on the full screen button to edit in the whole
browser window.
* Opera 9.5+ and Safari 3.0+ supported
And much more..