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CJW Newsletter

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
cjw_newsletter Felix Woldt stable 2.0.0 > 4.0.1
CJW Newsletter is a full featured newsletter system developed by CJW network and available as an add on for eZ Publish. It integrates seamlessly with eZ Publish an eZ Flow installations.

It can also be used as an independent newsletter and multi-channel on-line platform.

CJW Network is collaborating with eZ, and the extension is available on eZ Market for eZ Publish Enterprise Customers.

The current Version 1.0.0 is certified for eZ 4.4 and 4.5.

For further information contact
info [at]

Sending us a post card

We are eager to know who in the whole eZ world is using our CJW Newsletter extension. If you want to make our CJW Network team happy please send us a post card to the following address:

JAC Systeme GmbH
Frankenwall 10b
D-18439 Stralsund

Many thank's


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