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Release 1.0.9 available

Brookins Consulting is proud to announce the release of cie (collected information export) extension version 1.0.9 (tar.gztar.bz2zip). Download it today!

CIE provides a perfect solution for quick and simple export of collected information content into csv or sylk (excel) export file formatted files.

This release's changelog features a fair number of improvements including ...

  • Updated code to move handlers into classes/handlers directory out of module directory
  • Reformatted code to match coding standards
  • Minor bugfix to parser to use empty strings to represent no content instead of NC string from contributed parser improvements in previous release 1.0.8
  • Parser can now handle correctly newly created attributes which do not exist in older collections
  • Export header now uses content class attribute names instead of identifiers
  • Added bin/ script
  • Added compatibility for eztime, ezdate, ezdatetime and ezboolean datatypes
  • Removed extra line at end of php files. Replaced tabs with spaces. Reformatted code to match coding standards. Updated copyright notices
  • Minor updates to documentation. Updated copyright notices in documentation

This release's primary contributed development from Brookins Consulting and Open-Wide!

The new version is now available for download as packages or via GitHub

bccie screenshot export module view


This module allows for easy export collected information from contentobjects to csv or sylk (Excel) files.

Just install and activate the extension and a new menu item 'BC CIE Export' will be displayed within the admin.

It looks similar the collected information overview, with a new link 'BC CIE Export' to the right. Also provides command line script and cronjob to automate exports.



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This release's primary contributed development from Brookins Consulting!


If you need further feature development, support for this release or simply thank us for our continued contributions to the community, please post a message our forum.