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bpce_acces Alexandre SEBBANE stable 1.0 4.0+
you have a fixed IP. you want connect automatically this extension is made for you.

i use it on my local environment for developpement or on intranet to fix my user within my fixed IP.


This extension consist of an sso handler :

You read a very good article about sso_handler on by J. Vieilledent.

The solution here is

  1. try to catch the Ip of the anonimous user
  2. search a match with an array of specific IP
  3. connect the user if a match is done at step 2.

For the first step, there is a little trick to know :

can i catch the IP of a user on my ezpublish instance?

If my server directly connect to web: in this case, you can have the User IP by using $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].

If the server is connectged via a proxy or something else you can try to use $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'].

For the second step, you will need to match the IP you found with an array of Range IP . I use this library :

For the third step : just need to connect iwth the user wich match the range that the ip belongs.

If you have question about it, feel free to ask in the forum.

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