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BC Remove Subtree By Range (of NodeIDs)

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bcsubtreeremovebyrange Brookins Consulting stable 0.0.1 eZ Publish 4.x Compatible; eZ Publish 4.3 Required; Community Build 2011.10 Tested
Simple command line script to remove nodes by range of NodeIDs.


These scripts can remove a range of nodes. This is an improvement for some who do not wish to specify the nodeIDs of all nodes which one wishes to remove.

Based on default eZ Publish commandline script ./bin/php/ezsubtreeremove.php

Modified to only remove nodes by range of nodeIDs.

Usage Example

Primary Example Usage:In this example the parameter --ignore-trash is omitted as it is by default enabled and trash is not used. All information about the node subtree will be removed from the system completely:

./extension/bcsubtreeremovebyrange/bin/php/bcsubtreeremovebyrange.php --siteaccess ezwebin_site_user --range-start-node-id=4000 --range-end-node-id=30000000


The latest copy of this extension is always available and distributed publicly as a solution by Brookins Consulting via GitHub


This extension comes with detailed documentation regarding it's features, installation, usage, faq and more.


This solution is compatible with eZ Publish 4.3 -> eZ Publish Community Build 2011.10 and PHP 5.x

Legal Copyright and License

This solution is copyright (C) 1999 - 2011 Brookins Consulting and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (v2 or later).

A copy of the exact license supported is available on the web from

A copy of the exact license supported is provided within the bcsubtreeremovebyrange extension in doc/LICENSE

Please feel free to use this solution freely.

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