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BC Subtree Copy Retain Sections

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bcsubtreecopyretainsections Brookins Consulting stable 0.0.4 4.x+
BC Subtree Copy Retain Sections is a true eZ Publish extension that provides command line script to copy content tree node object subtrees while optionally retaining existing sections by providing a --retain-sections parameter.

This is a feature which is not available at all in the default ezsubtreecopy script provided with eZ Publish.

When used the copied objects retain the existing section assingments in eZ Publish.


You can fetch the latest available copy of the extension via GitHub


This project is so new that we have not yet had time to package it.

Expect packages available very soon.


The extension comes with brief documentation and example usage as we have only added one very small but useful feature to the script in question.


Number of copied objects tested and shared

This solution has been tested by user to correctly and accurately copy content objects (and retain their previous section assignments) with over 1620+ content objects.

Usage limits

The above number of copied objects tested and shared is not a usage hard limit.

There is no limit except the limits within eZ Publish itself. The above numbers are merely the largest usage(s) of this solution which have been shared publicly.

Reporting your number of content objects copied

If you use this solution to copy a large number of content objects, please feel free to consider sharing the number of content objects you were able to copy within our project's forums!

Help us educate other potential users seeking a similar solution that this solution can handle copying rather large number of content object successfully and can almost certainly handle copying their content objects without concern regarding proven usage limitations. Some users are reassured by other users reports of the number of content objects which are known to have been copied using this solution. If we can we would like to share this reassurance to users and then seek to increase this reassurance by raising the number of content objects copied using this solution (shared publicly) to even more impressive heights.

Also this gives users of this solution in the eZ Community a chance to brag about their own successes using this solution in a fun way. We smile and wonder just what the next number of content objects copied using this solution shared in the forums will be reported next. We hope other users in the community don't mind sharing their number of content objects copied using this extension it will raise the current 'Top number of content objects copied' number shared in the community using this solution and help the community accomplish some of the above goals.


Based on based on forum feature request,

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