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Simple Subscription

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bcsimplesubscription Brookins Consulting stable 1.1.0 3.8, 3.8.8, 4.x, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5+
Simple solution for paid subscription content with eZ Publish


A basic extension providing webshop purchased content subscription features through eZ Publish.

Please review the extension contents to better understand the basis for this solution as a reference.


Source code

You can obtain the source code for this extension on GitHub


Alternatively you may obtain a copy of the latest packaged edition from the downloads for this project.

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A brief on the features offered by this eZ Publish extension.

BC Simple Subscription is a simple solution to provide user content access subscriptions simply using default eZ Publish features. This extension depends on the eZ Publish webshop.

Content Subscriptions

Subscription period is calculated based on the result of the addition of the current date time of the webserver at the moment of the workflow event execution upon successful order checkout (fig 1, added to the), length in days of the (subscription) product content object (fig 2).

A shop / commerce solution which provides for purchase of subscription products (subscriptions) to content which requires additional section based user group / role permissions to access within eZ Publish.

This solution is useful if you have content within your eZ Publish website which you wish to sell on your site's webshop.


This is the first release of this solution which offers the following features

  • Cronjob - Subscription expiration. Degrades expired user subscription group membership.
  • Workflow - Subscription activation. Upgrades users group membership upon purchase of subscription.
  • User - Expire content object class attribute holds the datetime of subscription expiration.
  • Product - Product Number content object class attribute holds length of subscription in days.
  • Groups - Subscription Guest and Premium user groups organize subscription users to (permission) roles.
  • Roles - Each group is assigned to a role which contains role permission privilges controlling access to subscription content.
  • Settings - Configuration/Flexibility. While a specific solution an effort has been made to keep the solution as flexible as possible. Keeping specifics like IDs and specific strings in settings instead of relying hard coded strings within code and templates.


For more information about the release review the following resources



Simple Subscription : Subscription Activation : Workflow Trigger Assignment
Simple Subscription : Subscription Activation : Workflow Trigger Assignment

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