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BC Import Check Status

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bcimportcheckstatus Brookins Consulting beta 0.0.1 N/A
A simple import status check script written in bash.


This solution was created prior to the public release of ...

We recommend considering process monitoring for some purposes on your servers.

This script was created as a companion to a interuptable, resumable, offset, limited, separate eZ Publish cronjob import part.


  • Written per customer request outside of php.
  • Accepts multiple arguments
  • Advanced program output control (none; info; debug)
  • Test mode (In test mode enabled by default; services are mock restarted instead of modfiying the process list)
  • Calculates complex state of (any, static/limited rule set) previous import execution.
  • Unique fall through design of environment tests which define variables which are evaluated to determine state of import process / environment / actions.


  • N/A

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