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BC Event Notifications

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bceventnotifications Brookins Consulting stable 1.0.0 4.0+
Provides user created calendar events with start and stop email notifications

Brookins Consulting is proud to announce the release of the BC Event Notifications!

Features event content object notification subscriptions with start and end event email alerts to subscribed users.

The extension provides the following

  • Cronjob - Send publish notification email
  • Cronjob, bceventupdate - Send update notification email
  • Workflow event, bcownernotification - Content object subtree notification subscription creation for content creator.

This extension complements the bceventfilter extension.


 This branch of the extension is eZ Publish 4.0+ and PHP5.1+ Compatible


If you have any problems you can contact Brookins Consulting.

* Paid installation support, general support and feature development can be purchased directly through Brookins Consulting.

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