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BC Content Diff Notifications

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bccontentdiffnotifications Brookins Consulting stable 0.0.1 3.9
A solution providing content diff email notifications



Originally an Open FundingSuggestion regarding Content Diff Email Notifications.


Have you ever wished that the email notifications sent from eZ Publish gave you more insight into the context or content of the change which you have been alerted?

Our customer's first question is always, 'What changed?'.

With a very large number of content objects (articles) in their website and a large number of content editors working around the clock from all around the world the customer's site content administrators only have a limited amount of time to spend monitoring and reacting to notification emails.

Currently in order to view these differences each time they receive an email notification they must login each time into eZ Publish to view the full diff of the content object's versions.

Customers often have a strong desire to see at a glance what's changed within the notification email, instead and/or without going to the site to see what's changed using the existing content diff functionality.

We envision that users monitoring published content object modifications using the notification system will be able to receive an email notification as part of the moderation workflow containing an overview of changes between different versions (plain text diff output) of a content object in eZ publish.

Provided that older versions of a content object exists, two versions will be selected and analyzed. The differences between the versions will then be presented within the existing email notifications sent to the user.

This addition would greatly enhance the relevance and usefulness of email notifications sent from eZ Publish.

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