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Release of Auto Status 0.2

Auto Status version 0.2 is out! Auto Status is an eZ Publish extension that updates your status on different social networks (Twitter and are currently supported) in an automatic or semi automatic way.

What's new ?

The version 0.1 was broken since the removal of the Basic Auth by Twitter (yeah I know it was 10 months ago...). This new version now supports the OAuth authentication on Twitter and

Thanks to Nicolas Pastorino, the workflow event can now be configured to build the URL of an object in a given siteaccess.

In addition, the extension also brings a new tab in the admin interface where you can see all the update status events and the result of each update. In this tab, it's also possible to send again or retry a status update.

The extension is now available in 5 languages, many thanks to the volunteer translators who responded to my call :

If you want to translate the extension in your own language, it's not too late, you can still send me the translation file or join the project.

What's next ?

The TODO file contains several improvements, the support of Linkedin and Facebook are more or less planned, the rest (or any other idea) is open for contribution :-) The project will probably move to Github to get an issue tracker and to ease external contributions.


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