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Auto status

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
autostatus Damien Pobel stable 0.2 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 and all community edition
Update status in Twitter,, ... when creating or updating content in eZ Publish.

Auto status provides an after publish workflow event type that can update your status in social networks using a content attribute of the published object. Currently only Twitter and are supported, feel free to join the project if you want to add others social networks.

Extension setup

  1. Download the extension
  2. Unpack it in the eZ Publish root directory
  3. Import the SQL file extension/autostatus/sql/statusupdateevent.sql
  4. Enable the extension
  5. Regenerate the autload array
  6. Clear all cache

Workflow creation

  1. Create or choose an existing workflow group (Setup > Workflows)
  2. In this group, create a workflow and add an "Event / Auto status" to it
  3. Fill the "Event / Auto status" form (see the screenshot below) and save the event
  4. Assign the created workflow to the "content publish after" trigger (Setup > Triggers)

How does it work ?

With the above setup, eZ Publish will trigger the auto status event when an object is published. The auto status event will update the status only if the content class of the newly published object is the one configured in the event settings and if the choosen message attribute of this object is not empty.

In the message attribute, the following variables are available :

  • %title will be replaced by the name of published object
  • %url will be replaced by the URL of the main node embedding the published object

Known Limitations / Bugs

See TODO file.


Workflow event setup
Workflow event setup

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