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Automated user placement for eZ publish 3.8+

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
automated_user_placement_for_ez_publish_3.8+ Kristof Coomans planning 2.0 3.8, 3.9

This is an update of the automated user placement extension:
Payed maintenance and support are available, contact for conditions and

This update makes the automated user placement extension compatible with
eZ publish 3.8+ (including 3.9). It is contributed to the community
by DB Informatics ( ).
Two new INI settings are introduced in placeusers.ini.php:
* Move: set this to "enabled" to move the current main node to
selected location instead of creating a new node
* SetMainNode: only taken into account when Move is not "enabled",
to "enabled" to set the node at the selected location as the main node


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