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Import Framework

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import Björn stable 1.x > 3.8
Basic classes for abstracting data imports.

Delivers functionality:
Class eZImportFramework
Base Class for handeling the import. Supplies Methods for receiving data, storing data and general handling of data.
Class eZImportCommon
Supplies common functions that will help you import your data.
Class eZKeyConverter:
Converts keys and remembers their values.
e.g usefull if you import a forum with new users and you have to set a owner_id for the forum posts. The ID of new Users is of course different from what it was before.
Classes of eZImportFilter
Supplies filters before your store data in your database. For example you can turn all HTML into plain text.
Handlers that get data from a certain source.
Classes of eZImportProcess
Store loaded data into a target. Most common class is here of course eZContentObjectImportProcess.
This is just a little sample code to import data from an csv file into contentobjects.
see extension/import/example/example.php


Get data in and out
Get data in and out

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