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Git Manager

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
git_manager Brookins Consulting stable 1.0.1 5.x+
Git Manager is an eZ Publish extension which provides module views for updating an eZ Publish installation to the latest branch version.

Source Code

Extension source code is available via GitHub:


This extension is now compatible and tested with eZ Publish 5.x Legacy.

Tested with eZ Publish Community Project 2014.07, 2013.05


This extension implements a basic eZ Publish git management toolset and provides the following capabilities:

  • Local / remote branch checkout - Use this feature to update your website to the latest available commit in your git repository
  • Current HEAD commit review - Use this feature to review the current commit changeset
  • Commit log commits review (with commit author, start date and end date filter) - Use this feature to review past commit changesets
  • Website asset dump (alpha) - Use this feature to get a copy of your website's current database dump and var directory contents


  • Primary extension development by Serhey Dolgushev
  • Asset dump system developed by Think Creative,
  • License documentation by Brookins Consulting,


Git Manager
Git Manager

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