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GIS ( Global Information Systems )

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gis Björn stable 1.x 4.0
This extension enables eZ publish to handle GIS information. It includes a GIS datatype and implementation of Yahoo and Google Maps via GEORSS. A GEORSS server is delivered too. Lately we also added the Yahoo geocoder.

Admin interface -*
A Yahoo map -*chec...ension/gis/doc/screenshots/yahoo.png
A Google map -*chec...nsion/gis/doc/screenshots/google.png
- activate extension
- run gis.sql
- insert ezpackage from folder packages
- Aquire Yahoo or Google application ID and override "gis.ini"
Get it running:
- create one Geographic Location object
- create a new GEORSS feed e.g. with the name "test" under Admin Interface->Setup->RSS
The interfaces can be accessed as followed:
GEORSS server delivering GEORSS XML feeds:
Full view popup windows displaying all items from the feed "test":

For further information contact service [at] xrow [dot] de


GIS Datatype in the Backend
GIS Datatype in the Backend

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