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Attention please: Due to restructuring legacy services, the eZ Projects service is going to be discontinued. All the current repositories will be migrated to a new platform. More details will be announced soon.

gg Webservices 0.14 released

The biggest new feature of this release is compatibility with the eZPublish REST v2 API.

This includes the visual debugger - making troubleshooting pesky REST problems nice and easy.

But there's a lot of both bugfices and new features - read on for a detailed changelog

- compatibility with the eZ Publish REST API v2!
  Implemented both in the php layer and in the debugger (using REST type).
  For best results, use the json variant of all the calls for now.
- make the webservices/execute view respect ValidateClientIPs even when server is behind a reverse proxy (needs eZP 4.5 or later and config in site.ini)
- debugger always displays status code, charset, content-type for all execute calls (REST first!)
- all the response classes now save http headers in $this->headers() when decoding a payload. This makes it easier to execute further processing, eg. support custom authentication schemes
- methods ggWebservicesClient::getOption() and ggWebservicesClient::availableOptions()
- new methods in class ggRESTRequest to set Accept header, or any custom header for that matter
- example code to interact with eZPublish REST API v2 in doc/samples
- the template fetch function webservices/call has a new parameter. When set, the response object is returned instead of just the data
* Changed
- REST requests will happily receive a plaintext or html response without trying to decode it.
  This makes it easier to use them for interacting with sites (posting to forms etc)
- ggWebservicesClient::setOptions throws an exception when trying to set an invalid option
- it is possible that, when servers do not specify it, the charset of a response now defaults to empty whereas it defaulted to UTF-8 before
- avoid strict errors with eZP5 LS
- make the debugger work correctly when testing the current server by using the admin siteaccess and plain php session handler
- all types of responses properly set their content-type, status code and charset on decoding
- debugger: only allow user to set content type when request has a body


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