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gg SysInfo

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ggsysinfo Gaetano Giunta beta 0.7 4.x, 5.xLS
Allow eZ Publish administrator user to have better insight into its working installation

Allows the user to:

  • have the complete informations from the phpinfo() page within the eZ Publish admin interface (interesting for eZP 4.0)
  • have the complete information from the installed php accelerator within the eZ Publish admin interface, and, in case, allow to clear its cache
  • have a more detailed view on eZ Publish cache files, allowing to 'grep' through them and delete them if needed
  • have a stats page with all types of content in the db listed
  • have a page with more detailed status tests than ezinfo/isalive
  • have graphs showing log messages per minute and cache files created per minute
  • display the contents of the log files
  • list all existing modules, views, fetch functions, operations, template operators
  • execute basic security checks of the php configuration
  • etc...


cache size information
cache size information

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