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ezyui André R alpha 0.5 4.1+
An ajax extension for easier client / server integrations using yui 3.0 and concepts from ezcore and other similar extensions.

NOTE: This extension has been renamed, cleaned up, has jQuery support and is move to:

Why yui 3.0?
yui 3.0 looks promising for many reasons, some:

  1. It has a nicer syntax (closer to jquery including function chaining for those that don't mind several actions on same line)
  2. Its smaller and faster then yui 2.x, or at least that is what they are aiming for
  3. It supports versioning at its core, so different extensions / code can use different versions of yui together without problems, a plus for large projects*

* you should clean it up eventually to avoid the extra load involved, but at least stuff won't break so you don't have to "rewrite" everything at once if you start to use a new version.

About YUI3.0:

Roadmap hints: "As we get closer to the beta release this summer"

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