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ezvlogin Jérôme Renard beta 1.0 4.0+
Makes it possible to use Varnish (Or other reverse proxies/http accelerator that lets you cache or no cache based on the existence of a cookie) and logged users.

This extension was originally developped by me 6 months ago, and André took over it as he needed it for one of his project.

Current features:

  • Cookie to identify if a user is logged in or not.
  • Optional cookie for user name (for your ajax / aggressive reverse proxy cache needs)
  • Optional cookie to indicate the user is plain member (logged in user that we can cache)
  • Optional SSO support using http redirect loop*
  • Optional user/edit from 4.1, doesn't need user id as view param (nice for cache)

* To login across several domains using same eZ users, and where all eZ installs have ezvlogin extension setup identically.

For cache purging support, take a look at: all2evcc project

There are two ways to activate the login code (after activating the extension):

  1. with templates, you can define ezvlogin as design extension to activate the custom user/login templates(see design.ini) that are included, and modify all you templates that links to user/login, user/logout and optional user/edit so they link to the vlogin module instead of user.
  2. use url translation to automatically redirect all the related links to vlogin
    Admin -> Setup -> URL translator (4.0.1):
    redirect 'user/login' to 'vlogin/login', directly(no redirection), for all languages
    redirect 'user/logout' to 'vlogin/logout', directly(no redirection), for all languages
    redirect 'user/edit' to 'vlogin/edit', directly(no redirection), for all languages

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