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eZ Tagfeed

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
eztagfeed Harry Oosterveen stable 1.0 4.3+
Create RSS feeds from tags, using the hierarchical tree structure from eZ Tags

This extension uses eztags,, install and enable this first

Instead of the tag id, you can also use the keyword, see the examples below


Copy the files in the extension directory and enable the extension.


In the standard configuration, the RSS feed contains max. 20 items, and only folders, articles, and links. You can change this by appending or overriding the eztagfeed.ini file, section FilterSettings.


Suppose you have the following tag structure, with the ID in brackets.

  • Europe (1)
    • Netherlands (2)
      • Amsterdam (3)
      • The Hague (4)
    • Croatia (5)
      • Bol (6)

/tagfeed/tag/2 or /tagfeed/tag/Netherlands will give an RSS feed of items tagged with Netherlands
/tagfeed/tree/2 or /tagfeed/tree/Netherlands will give an RSS feed of items tagged with Netherlands, Amsterdam or The Hague.
/tagfeed/tree/1 or /tagfeed/tree/Europe will also include the items tagged with Europe, Croatia or Bol

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