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eZ Style Editor

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ezstyleeditor Łukasz Serwatka stable 1.0.0 4.2 and higher

Important note

 This project is now hosted on github. We have explained the Whys and Whatfors in this post : You can now find the sources of this project here : Contribution is even more encouraged now relying on github’s collaborative development features. Feel free to fork, hack, and channel the changes back through a pull request. All of this is properly described in the post above.

 Waiting for your commits !


The eZ Publish Style Editor is a JavaScript based application written on top of Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI in short), as well as using power of ezjscore, the eZ Publish Ajax framework. Amongst other things, it provides a set of features which allow visual style editing for eZ Publish based extensions such as Website Interface and eZ Flow. It can be plugged to almost every existing eZ Publish installation and configured for custom styles and various DOM structures. It allows you to change the overall look and feel of eZ Publish based websites in visual edit mode.

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