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eZPersistentObject Generator

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezpersistentobject_generator Kristof Coomans planning 0.1 3.8
The eZPersistentObject Generator project aims to provide tools to create skeletons for eZPersistentObject sub classes from database tables.

Currently, a script compatible with MySQL 5.x is provided. Most likely this script is compatible with other relational database systems that have the information_schema table database, though this was not tested yet and should be done with caution.

Repository layout

The Subversion repository is structured as follows:

  • trunk: eZ Publish 4 compatible version, new development is done here
  • stable
    • 1.0: eZ Publish 3.x compatible version


Listing tables

php mysql_persistent_generator.php --list=tables

Listing column information from a table

php mysql_persistent_generator.php --list=columns [table_name]

Generating an eZPersistentObject sub class skeleton

php mysql_persistent_generator.php [table_name][class_name]

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