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09 January 2008

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Sunday 26 August 2007 2:27:24 pm

I am severely dissatisfied with current frontpage. Had a chat about this with kracker recently and here are my suggestions.

1. New additions list is needed. I would place that right under Search and list 10 latest, with a link to page showing more. This is really really important, would give at least some indication that site is alive. Also, yesterday I added new article and after submitting used good 10 minutes to find the just published page as search apparently does not work either - news list should help with that too. node_list comes with core, lets use it. It is also important to people who would want to keep eye on new resources to link them to their older pages.

2. The "In this month" block is totally useless, at least in frontpage. I cant imagine anybody needing information that administration interface project preview was held on august 27, 2004. It should be moved to some separate funny historical stats page or better just removed. I understand you have done extra work to add this, no offense hopefully..

3. Frontpage has way too many one word links without any explanation whatsoever, whole series of them. This is very bad style and very confusing. There should always be at least one sentence for each hyperlink, explaining what it is.

So in general terms, after adding news list and removing this month box, what is needed is to take current blocks of frontpage (Documentation, Statistics(changelog), External news, Namespaces(general topics), Community projects) and rewrite them more verbosely as separate pages, linking to these from frontpage.

Oh, and last but also very important - there should be link on each page to "How to use this wiki". I wrote an article yesterday and failed to find any info on this. I was wondering if there are some special wiki tags that must be used since its called wiki, how to include code etc. etc. Also, link on each page to this forum and irc channel.

Im willing to do part of the work, given access and some help. Let me know what you think.

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Sunday 09 September 2007 3:22:39 am

Client Side Script Collapsible Page Sidebar

Would it be nice if the user controls currently embeded in the right side of the page layout the "header image, search, object information, this article, create, languages, visitors" blocks could be hidden using client side script?

Perhaps minimized in a way similar to the issue tracker search advanced search sidebar provides this feature. Perhaps this could be useful value to store per user session.

With the improvements to navigation discussed by others this allows for a way to read and navigate without those controls for those who are only reading eZpedia?


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