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eZ Publish Online Editor

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ezoe André R stable 5.x 4.x

Important note

 This project is now hosted on github. We have explained the Whys and Whatfors in this post : You can now find the sources of this project here : Contribution is even more encouraged now relying on github’s collaborative development features. Feel free to fork, hack, and channel the changes back through a pull request. All of this is properly described in the post above.

 Waiting for your commits !


eZ Publish Online Editor 5.0 is the replacement for eZ Publish Online Editor 4.x that uses another javascript editor, specifically TinyMCE, witch makes it work on IE7 on Vista / IE 8 / Safari / Opera / Chrome, support full screen editing, re sizable edit area and a lot more out of the box.

What is it?

eZ Publish Online Editor (all versions) is a ezxml (ezxmltext / XML Block datatype) input handler, that lets you edit the xml using a wysiwyg editor. This means on one hand that the editor doesn't need to know about the ezxml storage, and on the other hand that the content is stored in pure xml witch enforces the rule of seperating design and content witch again lets you easily export the content or create integrations with othere systems for content sharing.

Reporting issues

For reporting issues you should use the issue tracker if you are sure you have found a bug. And by sure it means you can reproduce it, and know what you have to do to trigger it. If you are not sure, ask in the forum.

Issue tracker
Forum (You can use forum page here on the project page as well, but until is integrated with you won't get many replies..)

For developers!

For developers there are a couple of things you should know when dealing with ezxml content, first and formost is that it was based on the xhtml 2.0 draft back when it was created, so even if it looks alot like normal html, it is more strict ( similar to xhtml 1.0 strict ) so if you want some of the more style related fetures of html, like pink text colors or blinking text, then you need to look into extending ezxml. The two ways to extend ezxml is custom tags and custom attributes. Both are maybe best explained in content.ini(2), and the latter can be further tweaked for OE 5.x and higher using ezoe_attributes.ini settings.

As you might guess, TinyMCE in OE is not a out of the box version, while none of its files are changed, a custom theme (a fork of the advance theme) is used to custimizes TinyMCE in a lot of ways.

  1. It has custom popup dialogs since ezxml does not support all tag attributes of html
  2. To integrate the image / file / object handling with eZ Publish
  3. To be able to support eZ Publish concepts like embed tag, custom tag and custom attributes
  4. To add new features like clickable path and one line floating toolbar.
  5. To be able to integrate the TinyMCE i18n system with the one in eZ Publish.

There are several more minor reasons as well, but the biggest one is ezxml is not html.

One other part of ezoe is the translation layer between eZ Publish and TinyMCE, consistent of a ezxml input handler that generates html that TinyMCE can understand and a html to ezxml parser for translating the html from TinyMCE back to ezxml.

Changes from OE 4.x

 * No more paper clip, now you see the relations as they will be on the web page excluding styling(Note: you can still re enable an improved paper clip by enabling CompatibilityMode in ezoe.ini)
 * Page break supported as custom tag (view template not included)
 * underline|sub|sup tags supported directly with buttons as custom tag
 * custom attributes can now be defined as specific datatypes (selection, int, colorpicker..)
 * Buttons and plugins for TinyMCE can be customized in ini file
 * Editor is skin able
 * images has a unique button to make it more user friendly for new users
 * right click menu is gone, you can now use your Firefox spell checker
 * path is now click able(to open properties for that tag), and shows a simplified ez xml tag name all the time
 * custom tags are now more style able within the editor ( tag name is now class attribute instead of name attribute internally in the editor )
 * Image types are now defined with ClassIdentifier instead of just ClassID
 * You can now define GUI name on image filters, and hide the ones you don't want to be selectable in the editor
 * All image filters of type scale / crop now shows the size (140x80) alongside the name in the editor
 * You can limit the selectable class list pr eZ Publish class type for embed and embed-inline tags
 * You can adjust the height of the editor by dragging the bottom right corner or click on the full screen button to edit in the whole browser window.
 * IE7 and IE 8 (also on Vista), Opera 9.5+, Safari 3.1+ and Chrome 1.0+ supported


OE 5.0.1 on eZ Publish 4.1.1
OE 5.0.1 on eZ Publish 4.1.1

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