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eZ Munin

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezmunin Jérôme Renard stable 1.0 N/A
Munin plugin to monitor an eZ Publish instance

Available informations

  • Content
    • total amount of eZContentObjects
    • total amount of eZContentObjectAttributes
    • total amount of eZContentObjectTreeNodes
    • total amount of eZContentObjectRelations
    • total amount of drafts objects
  • Cache
    • total amount of ViewCache files
    • total amount of CacheBlock
    • (both ezfs and ezdb file handlers are supported)
  • User related
    • total number of eZUsers
    • total number of sessions in the database

How to install this plugin ?

This plugin has been created on Debian, if you use another Linux distribution the paths below may change.

the plugin in the following directory : Download


After that create a symbolic link like this :

sudo ln -sv /usr/share/munin/plugins/ezpublish_* /etc/munin/plugins

Restart munin-node :

sudo /etc/init.d/munin-node restart

After a few minutes you should see a new "eZ Publish" category in your munin pages

How to configure this plugin ?

In the munin configuration file :


Paste the following lines :

env.dbusername root
env.dbpassword publish
env.dbname ezpublish_4_0
env.vardir /var/www/ezpublish/var/ezwebin_site
env.ezpublishcluster disabled (you can use 'enabled' if you use ezdbfilehandler)

For example if you have the following eZ Publish configuration


Then the munin configuration would look like :

env.dbusername root
env.dbpassword publish
env.dbname ezpublish40

Do not forget to restart munin-node after you update the configuration :

sudo /etc/init.d/munin-node restart

Configuring ezmunin per host

There is a nice post from Scott Frazer which explains how to configure ezmunin per host :

Do not apply changes to the code I already have integrated them.


Munin graph example : tested with randomed numbers
Munin graph example : tested with randomed numbers

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