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ezmultiupload Łukasz Serwatka stable 1.0.1 4.1.1 and higher

Important note

 This project is now hosted on github. We have explained the Whys and Whatfors in this post : You can now find the sources of this project here : Contribution is even more encouraged now relying on github’s collaborative development features. Feel free to fork, hack, and channel the changes back through a pull request. All of this is properly described in the post above.

 Waiting for your commits !


The eZ Multiupload extension enables users to upload multiple files such as images, documents, binary files via the front-end of an eZ Publish website. When used together with the eZODF extension, users can import multiple OpenDocument Text or Word Documents as article objects at once.


1. Adobe Flash Player version 9.0.45 or higher is required.
2. eZ Publish 4.1 or higher is required for ezmultiupload extension due to enhancements implemented in eZSession class.

This extension can work with eZ Publish 4.0.x series, however uploading from administration interface is not supported, eZ Publish 4.1.1 or higher is officially supported version.

1. Extract the ezmultiupload archive to the extension folder.

2. Enable the extension in site.ini.append.php


Alternatively, activate it in the Administration Interface. First, click the Extensions
link in the Setup tab. Then, mark the checkbox corresponding to the
“ezmultiupload” entry and click the Apply changes button.

3. Grant access to the “ezmultiupload” module for the users and user groups who will
need to use the eZ Multiupload functionality.

4. Update autoload array by executing following command from eZ Publish root:

$ php bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php -e

NOTE: Update script require eZ Components. See installation guide.

5. Clear the cache.

Upload interface is accessible by pointing your web browser to /ezmultiupload/upload/NODE_ID. For example: or by including a following template parts/websitetoolbar/ezmultiupload.tpl {include uri='design:parts/websitetoolbar/ezmultiupload.tpl'} in website toolbar template. ezmultiupload icon will appear automatically in ezwebin 1.4 and higher website toolbar.
ezmultiupload extension has to be enabled before ezwt extension or ezwebin extension like:


Uploader limitations related to Flash:

  • Because of Flash limitations, the uploader does not support basic authentication.
  • Because of Flash limitations, the uploader behavior when working through a proxy server is inconsistent and unreliable.
  • When uploading to HTTPS servers, be aware that Flash does not support self-signed certificates. You would need to obtain certificates from a recognized certificate authority.

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