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eZJupload - Multiple Binaryfile uploader

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezjupload_-_multiple_binaryfile_uploader oldcontribs_import oldcontribs_import planning 0.9 3.5+

With the eZJupload datatype/extension it is possible to upload multiple
binaryfiles to an object in a single transaction. The files are
stored as ezbinaryfiles and can easily be displayed in a template as
a list of files.

eZJupload Multiple Binaryfiles Datatype/Extension
The binaryfile datatype of eZ publish only allows the upload of a single
We needed a datatype that would allow the upload of multiple files in a
single transaction.
With the eZJupload datatype it is possible to upload multiple files in a
single transaction, and to add the binary files as hidden objects
with a relation the parent object.
The datatype can be used on sites where many files or directories
containing files have to be published under a single object.
To upload multiple files to the server, the Java applet Jupload is used
(, Jupload is written by William JinHua Kwong and released under the
GPL license.
See docs/readme.txt for full description of the datatype/extension.



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