Attention please: Due to restructuring legacy services, the eZ Projects service is going to be discontinued. All the current repositories will be migrated to a new platform. More details will be announced soon.


* Fixed context overwritten by local variable causing expand menu to
give wrong links while in browse mode
* Fold/unfold not translated in expand menu
* Fixed media / user menu not expanded regression
* Improved how you can customize the expand menu, for instance for
using it embeded
Hooks: $custom_ui_context (string), $custom_js_callback (string),
$custom_root_node_id (array || int)
- removed un-needed content/edit.tpl override
+ Added Cache manager
* Several speed improvments and clean ups to the content structur
* Reworked cache manager to recreate compiled templates in addition to
deleting them ( currently only works on 'current siteaccess')
* fixed javascript menu problem on node names from expand menu
* fixed Quick search header missing
* fixed translation of Please wait...
* made ini settings more conservative
!!!! you now have to copy the admin settings from
manually if your admin siteaccess is not called ezwebin_site_admin
* Minor tweaks to improve speed of the content structur menu
* Fixed xdebug warning repported by Frode Austvik
Older stuff in changelog.txt

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