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Source code now available at

Debug Output report enhanced with links to source code

A bunch of goodies this time around:

  • updated bundled GeSHi lib to, with many new and updated languages
  • fixed the only known bug
  • (optional) integration with the Debug Output report: turns all names of template php /css / js files mentioned in it into links to display their source code!

Read the changelog within the extension for more details

Corrects a single error that broke the ezsh template operator (code highlight in xml block attributes)

The geshi/highlight view


  • added a module and view to highlight any file within the eZ Publish root dir
  • updated bundled GeSHi lib to (many new languages supported)
  • improvements to the eztemplate language file
  • improvements to the ezini language file
Example of a gui that can be developed with this extension

The zip is available for download at

The main highlights in this release are:

  • updated to GeSHi 1.8.1
  • rewritten the .ini syntax parser, with much improved detection of errors (such as extra whitespaces)