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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezecosystem Brookins Consulting stable 0.5.1 4.x+, 5.x+
eZecosystem is an eZ Publish Community Project Planet dedicated to sharing the source code of our website with the members of the community.

eZecosystem was created on top of eZ Publish Community Project 2012.3, 2013.5, 2014.07 (eZ Publish 5.x+ and PHP 5.3+ or PHP 5.4+)

About the solution

We seek to help people get started with an eZ Publish syndication portal quickly.

eZecosystem is an eZ Publish Community Planet dedicated to helping others get started with a eZ Publish syndication portal quickly.

It makes it easy to syndicate all community content updates and activity. 

Purpose is a community driven effort who's goal is to sharing the activity of our community members. This website is created and maintained by the community for the community.

This project has been created as a basis for the continued development and support for an eZ Publish based syndication planet solution,

Source code

Website source code provided to all who wish to use this site as a guide. eZecosystem source code is available via GitHub: 


About Name

The name eZecosystem is similar to eZpedia and represents the ecosystem of the eZ Community. The term 'eZ Ecosystem' has been used by many people in the past to describe the eZ Publish User Community.


More information to follow soon


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