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ezeasyrec Olivier Portier beta 0.1 4.x
eZeasyrec is a simple integration of easyrec using the javascript functions. easyrec is an open source recommendation engine.

What is easyrec ?

easyrec is a web application written in Java that provides personalized recommendations. you can use it in ASP or install it on your Tomcat web application server.

easyrec compatible with Tomcat 6.0 but you can use the application server of your choice with Servlet API >=2.4 ( Glassfish V3, jboss, weblogic, resin ...). easyrec datas are stored in a MySQL 5 database.

You can integrate easyrec with RESTful Web Services ready or javascript functions.

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What is eZeasyrec ?

eZeasyrec is the start of an easyrec intergation with the javascript function only.

How it works ?

When a user browse your web site and view a content, a javascript query from the browser to easyrec web application server is sent with information about the viewed content :

  • node_id
  • name
  • url
  • image url

When a user rate a content other information are sent to easyrec :

  • node_id
  • average rate value

Other user actions are available like buy.

Every night, one time per day, easyrec recommendation engine compile the user actions.

Like that when a user view a content recommendations will be return to the user.

How easyrec have been integrated ?

A REST API is available. But to be quick and durty, i used for the moment the simple javascript solution.

The intergation of easyrec in eZ Publish is based on a new extension with 2 templates to drive the javascript function and a sample integration on an article content type (full/article.tpl from ezwebin).

eZeasyrec support view and rate actions for the moment.


Recommanded contents displayed on the top right box
Recommanded contents displayed on the top right box

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