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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezdictionary Piotr Szczygieł stable 1.0.1 4.7
Extension provides a template operator 'dictionary()'.

Provided template operator performs actions of searching for given dictionary strings in given attribute and replaces them by data defined in dictionary nodes.


  1. Take a look on ezdictionary.ini file. There you will find DictionaryClasses[] array. You need to override this file in your project and set correct options here. As it says in the comment, you need to put a class identifier as an array key. Then define the value - keyword and description attributes separated with semicolon.
  2. Set up the node(s) id where extension will look for dictionary objects.
  3. In addition you can set global option for case sensitivity and add some html tags which will be omitted while traversing DOM.
  4. Last thing is just to fire the operator. Below example presents how you can do that for xml block:
{set-block variable=$article_body}
{attribute_view_gui attribute=$node.data_map.body}

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