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ezcore André R beta 0.96 4.0+
A collection of useful tools, many to enable Ajax / Web 2.0 features in eZ Publish:
Object rating, hiding / unhiding cronjob + edit handler, json_encode / xml_encode / node_encode / fetch_main_node, reverse proxy purge cronjob, small javascript library, Node has children filter, Object id's filter, javascript / css packer and a bunch of module views for relating / publishing / rating content with ajax calls or redirects back to the page the user came from.

NOTE: This extension has been renamed, cleaned up* and moved to:

At the moment, please take a look in the doc/ folder in the extension(link bellow), there are information about and how to use most features in this extension (except the module views ).

Doc in svn:

* Meaning the base concepts: packer, json/xml encoders and ajax server calls have been completed (using yui 3.0 / jQuery ), the other features are not included and will to some extent end up in other projects or they already are(rating:see ezstarrating, proxy purge: see all2evcc, hide/unhide: see GWUtils ).

No news yet.

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