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eZ cache-block Expirer

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ezcacheblockexpirer Bertrand Dunogier beta 0.1 4.0
Allows for a more accurate clearing of cache block via a helper object.

This extension features a workflow event that can be used to clear cache blocks based on much more accurate rules.

To summarize, you can link your cache-blocks to unique, non-content contentobjects, and configure the extension so that it expires specific cache blocks based on a set of rules. For instance, you can say that your navigation menu will only expire when a folder or a frontpage is published in the subtree /1/2/x/y/.

It currently uses an INI based approach, but future plans include a datatype that will allow configuration from the admin interface.

Important note: this extension WON'T work with an out-of-the-box eZ publish 4.0 stable, since subtree_expiry is broken in this version. Use 4.0.1+.

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