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# Suggestions:
- Requires global rewriting for version 1.0
# v0.93 stable, public, 2008.05.21
+ Fetch top content subtree parameter.
# v0.92 stable, public, 2008.05.16
+ Bug fix: make top content operator object status sensitive.
# v0.91 stable, public, 2008.05.15
+ Additional resultcollection operator.
# v0.9 stable, public, 2008.05.10
+ Additional topcontent operator parameter for skipping results with
amount of votes.
# v0.8 stable, public, 2008.05.08
+ Additional operator for getting top content lists.
+ Advanced top content settings.
# v0.7 stable, public, 2008.02.11
+ Session-based vote block for less restrictive collecting methods (in
to user/databased method).
# v0.6 stable, public, 2008.01.31
+ Built-in integration option with eZ Human CAPTCHA extension for
submit view.
+ Minor cleaning up developer's notes ;)
+ Standard submit view keeps last POST value selected.
# v0.5 beta, public, 2008.01.06
+ Cronjob for synchronization with content class attributes.
+ Move all operators to one operator class.
+ Add Polish translation.
+ Fix bug: range validation missing in the submit view.
+ Integer AttributeID changed to string Identifier for easier
+ Security/limiting functionality: only registered combinations of
identifier and voting identifier will be allowed.
+ Default templates arranged for popup configuration.
+ Add logging and debugging for critical areas.
# v0.4 beta, public, 2007.12.02
+ Fix bug: Class id/identifier confused, class-based range
configuration doesn't
work properly
+ Change/fix bug: UserID and ClassID parameters removed from
template operator (goal incompatibility ;)
+ Minor corrections in the readme file
+ Improved example template
# v0.3 alpha, public, 2007.11.23
+ Clean up of passing by reference related PHP errors.
+ Clean up of other strict PHP warnings.
+ Review of the entire object model used.
+ Stronger validation of parameters passed to public methods.
+ eZVoteData::create - userID and classID should not be passed,
but should be evaluated!
+ Complete basic submit view of the module.
+ Range validation wrong check order - fixed.
+ Add module/view translation.
+ Success/failure redirections.
+ Add ezvote_range template operator.
# v0.2 alpha, local, 2007.11.22
+ Initial working version with a number of issues that need fixing
pushing it public.
# v0.1 alpha, local, 2007.11.21
+ First prototype, almost entirely rethought and rebuilt ;)
# v0.0 alpha, local, 2007.11.20
+ Start.
/+/ complete
/-/ plan or in progress

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