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UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
ez_human_captcha Piotr Karaś planning 1.8 4.0.0

eZ Human CAPTCHA is a simple eZ Publish extension which provides a
collection of tools that make it easier to use session-based CAPTCHA
techniques for preventing bots from submitting any unwanted data to
your website.

The default way to use it is to add Human CAPTCHA-datatype-based
attribute to your content class. From that moment on any edit action
taken on objects representing that class will require CAPTCHA code to
be provided. This will secure both editing as well as collecing info.
This method is completely automatic and does not require any
development whatsoever.
The other method is meant for developers, who want their own modules
and/or templates secured. There are two template operators
responsible for initiating/displaying a token and validating the code
respectively. Optionally, it is possible to directly call a method
responsible for token validation in PHP.
Since the quality of the CAPTCHA token image is of critical importance,
this extension can be further extended by applying custom image
filters. An image filter is simply a set of PHP instructions to
generate a token image.
Search the Web if you need further information on CATPCHA itself.



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