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Extract object part

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
extract_object_part Kristof Coomans planning 0.1 tested on 3.7.6, will probably work on all newer releases (3.8, 3.9)

This command line script extracts data from existing content objects and
creates new content objects of another class with it.
It is not recommended that you use this script in its current state on
a production site. Make sure you test it first on a development copy.

You need to specify tree arguments when running the script:
- id or identifier of the content class of the source objects
- id or identifier of the content class of new objects
- id of the node where new objects will be placed under
Attributes of the new objects are filled in based on a matching
attribute identifier and a matching datatype in the original object.
If no attribute matches, the script will issue an error and
Not all datatypes are currently supported. Non-supported datatypes
include ezidentifier and ezuser.
Future enhancements:
- option to delete source objects
- support for ezuser (only when source object gets deleted)
- re-use the nodes of the source object (only when source object gets
deleted), or place at the same location as the source object (the
third CLI argument will become optional)
- take over remote id from source object (only when source object gets
- more filters to select source objects
People interested to contribute to this project can contact me at .
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