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Documentation - Smile EZ Publish Eclipse Plugin (Updated)

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documentation_-_smile_ez_publish_eclipse_plugin__updated_ Paul Wilson planning 0.12 3.9.0

The purpose of this document to provide an overview of the Smile EZ
Publish Eclipse Plugin and its installation process. It includes some
basic information on Eclipse and links. The Plugin provides template
highlighting, EZ Publish class browsing, and code wizards for
operator extensions.

For more information on the Smile EZ Publish Eclipse Plugin, see:
This documentation is an extended version of my installation notes
provided to help the EZ community.
This document probably contains more detail than most experienced EZ
developers/users will need, but it is presented in this way to help
people who are new to EZ to understand and make use of this
extension. This is important because helping more people to get more
value out of EZ Publish more quickly is a way to grow and strengthen
the EZ community - which helps us all.
Suggestions welcome.
Thanks to the team at for developing and providing the



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