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eZecosystem is an eZ Publish Community Project Planet dedicated to sharing the source code of our website with the members of the community.

eZecosystem was created on top of eZ Publish Community Project 2012.3, 2013.5, 2014.07 (eZ Publish 5.x+ and PHP 5.3+ or PHP 5.4+)

Example Sitemap

Brookins Consulting is proud to announce the release of bcgooglesitemaps extension version 1.1.3 (tar.gztar.bz2, zip) Download it today!

BC Google Sitemaps provides a perfect solution for quick and simple export of a sitemap xml file via cronjob or module view.

This release's changelog features a fair number of improvements including ...

  • Updated: Added bugfix for cronjob subtree content fetch fetching content in all available languages instead of only in current siteacess language.
  • Updated: Refactor cronjob code syntax and comments
  • Updated: Added extended and revised ini documentation comments
  • Added: Added refactored path ini variable to override sitemap output directory path
  • Added: Added sitemap link protocol ini variable
  • Updated: Extended multilingual site testing of sitemap generation process and results
  • Updated: Revised release documentation making minor improvements

This release's primary contributed development from Brookins Consulting

The new version is now available for download as packages or via GitHub

If you use this extension or did in the past you should review our new GitHub repository: 

git clone ezpublish_legacy/extension/nxc_twitter;

or you may download a package instead nxc_twitter_2014.07.tar.gz

Warning: This solution is deprecated. Please do not use for new projects. Please use instead!

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