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It now allows to add database consistency checks via completely custom sql queries.

A couple custom queries checking nodes, objects and url-aliases are thrown in for good measure.

Some new features as well as minor bugfixes this time around.

Notable features:

  • It is now easier to properly trace the web pages which end up with redirects, without hacking the kernel
  • It is now possible to trace the eZ User id of the current user
  • It is now possible to trace all variables from the $_SERVER superglobal.
  • It is now possible to trace the resources used by publication events when using asynchronous publishing

Notable bugfixes:

  • the javascript loading in frontend design for xhprof-measurement is disabled by default, as it can break some sites

Check out the changelog for a complete list

We can confirm that CJW Newsletter is running smoothly in the eZ Publish 5.x Legacy Stack.

Furthermore we are in the process of porting the newsletter datatype to the Symfony stack. This will allow you to use CJW Newsletter in a pure eZ Publish 5 environment.

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