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cjw_contexthelp ready for download

The cjw_contexthelp extension, which allows for a context sensitive help text on the class and attribute level, is ready for download here.. Please post any questions, problems or suggestions to the forum and review and/or rate it when you like it ;-)


The cjw_contexthelp extension allows for a context sensitive help text on the class and attribute level.

The extension is fully self contained and integrates seemlessly into the edit templates. Using standard content objects and XMLText attributes for the help texts, all help is fully stylable and text can easily be translated.

For every attribute that has a help text associated with, a help icon is automatically placed next to the attribute label. The help is presented in an overlay when the user moves the mouse over this icon.


Download the extension and activate it. Follow the instructions in INSTALL. After defining some content objects for the help texts (see below), your application sports context sensitive help!

  • In the administration interface, define a Context Help Container using the "CJW Contexthelp Container".
  • For every class you want to define help for, add a "CJW Contexthelp Class" object below. At this level you can define a global help text for the class.
  • Within a CJW Contexthelp Class object, add a "CJW Contexthelp Class Attribute" object for every attribute you want to provide help on.
  • See Screenshots of these Screens


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