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BC Collected Information Export

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
cie Brookins Consulting stable 1.0.9 4.0+ -> 5.2+; Tested With Community Build 2013.07
Provides solution for quick and simple export of collected information content into csv or sylk (excel) export file formatted files.


This module allows for easy export collected information from contentobjects to csv or sylk (Excel) files.

Just install and activate the extension and a new menu item 'BC CIE Export' will be displayed within the admin.

The page looks similar the collected information overview, with a new link titled 'Export' to the right.

Also provides command line script and cronjob to automate exports.


  • GitHub: Mostly Stable, master Repository (for eZ Publish 4.0+)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.9 Repository (for eZ Publish 5.2+ / Community Build 2013.07)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.8 Repository (for eZ Publish 4.6+ / Community Build 2012.02)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.7 Repository (for eZ Publish 4.5+ / Community Build 2012.02)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.6 Repository (for eZ Publish 4.4+ / Community Build 2012.02)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.5 Repository (for eZ Publish 4.3+ / Community Build 2012.02)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.4 Repository (for eZ Publish 4.0+)
  • GitHub: Stable, 1.0.3 Repository (for eZ Publish 3.9+ (3.8, 3.9, 3.9.1))


BC CIE Screenshot of Export Module View
BC CIE Screenshot of Export Module View

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