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Release 1.0.2 available

Brookins Consulting (An eZ Partner and Certified eZ Publish Extension Developer) is proud to announce the release of the version 1.0.2 of BC Website Statistics.

BC Website Statistics provides a flexible stable solution to the common need of how to provide for advanced website statistics collection and reporting with eZ Publish. Now a Certified Product on!

This release of BC Website Statistics offers the following improvements.

Product features improvements

  • Statistics Collection - Usage - Template operators providing the Javascript to the template and browser (or ..)
  • Statistics Collection - Flexibility - Javascript Design Extension
  • Statistics Collection - Accuracy - Binary file download tracking
  • Statistics Collection - Security - Automatic SSL detection

Product improvements

  • Documentation - Updated - Improved extension documentation and published article
  • Subversion - Complected - Migration of subversion sources to Projects
  • Testing - Approval - Successfully passed eznetwork automated extension approval testing process (eZ compiler reports ok, approved extension)
  • Testing - Certified - Successfully passed eznetwork manual extension certification review, rewrite, documentation, support plan, testing process (eZ crew reports ok, certified extension)
  • Subversion - Release - Stable Release Branch
  • Product - Release - Brookins Consulting provides support for this product, now available for purchase through

Product information

For more information about the release feel free to read and review the following resources

Download information

Article info

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