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BC Website Statistics

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bcwebsitestatistics Brookins Consulting stable 1.0.3 3.0+, 4.0+
The BC Website Statistics extension allows a website to collect page view, web shop order and other statistics using Google Analytics.

This product is a Certified eZ Publish Extension.

With the BC Website Statistics you can collect web site user page view and web shop order statistics with eZ Publish using the popular Google Analytics service.

Many people who need collect to website statistics and need reporting features beyond the traditional offerings of server side web server log analyzers are turning to alternatives like Google Analytics.

Google Analytics offers a complete rich offering of statistics reporting features and reports. BC Website Statistics provide the client side script needed to eZ Publish to transmit statistics to the Google Analytics service.


  1. Collects website page view statistics
  2. Collects website website shop order statistics
  3. Collects custom javascript event statistics

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Google Analytics : Reporting
Google Analytics : Reporting

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