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Release 1.0.1 available

Brookins Consulting is proud to announce the release of Simple Subscription extension version 1.0.1. Download it today! Simple Subscription provides a clean simple solution to the common need of how to implement user subscriptions with eZ Publish.

This is the first release of this solution which offers the following features

  • Cronjob - Subscription expiration. Degrades expired user subscription group membership.
  • Workflow - Subscription activation. Upgrades users group membership upon purchase of subscription.
  • Settings - Configuration/Flexibility. While a specific solution an effort has been made to keep the solution as flexible as possible.

For more information about the release review the following resources

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This release was sponsored by Brookins Consulting!


If you need further feature development, support for this release or simply thank us for our continued contributions to the community, please post a message in the forum.