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BC Lorem Ipsum

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bcloremipsum Brookins Consulting stable 0.0.1 eZ Publish 4.x Compatible; eZ Publish 4.4 Required; Community Build 2011.11 Tested
BC Lorem Ipsum is a true eZ publish extension that provides module view to create example or dummy content tree nodes complete with randomly generated content (most default datatypes supported). Includes a companion command line script. Tested with eZ Publish 4.5 (Community Build 2011.10)


This solution can generate content within eZ Publish dynamically on the fly.
If you need to create example content for testing purposes consider trying our extension.

What's New!

This extension is based on the older loremipsum extension distributed by eZ Systems.
Our version is much improved over the older extension!

  • Rebranded extension
  • Refactored extension
  • Updated: Extensively added phpdoc blocks to all extension PHP code
  • Updated: Converted settings files to utf-8 encoding
  • Updated: Refactored module view create template design to be more user friendly
  • Updated: Added current user role id list for required role id from settings for module view security
  • Updated: Added quick mode as default selected option for module view parameters submitted and processed
  • Updated: Added primary root content node from settings as default selected node for module view parameters submitted and processed
  • Updated: Added class information table display and link to class edit template code to module view create
  • Updated: Added session support for module view parameters submitted and processed
  • Moved: Moved dictionary and random-images use for content creation into design and extension var directory
  • Renamed: Renamed primary module template directory to avoid conflicts with past versions
  • Renamed: Renamed primary module directory to avoid uri conflicts with past versions
  • Added support for additional datatypes: ezdatetime, ezdate and eztime datatypes
  • Added translation support, eng-GB, eng-US, untranslated
  • Added completed documentation

You can find more details about changes for this version in


This solution is compatible with eZ Publish 4.3 -> eZ Publish Community Build 2011.10 and PHP 5.x


You can find the source code for this extension available on GitHub


You can view a gallery of several large screenshots of the extension views and features.


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BC Lorem Ipsum - Create module view - Primary display
BC Lorem Ipsum - Create module view - Primary display

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