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BC Import CSV

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bcimportcsv Brookins Consulting beta 0.0.23 4.0+
A simple example solution based on default eZ Publish PHP Cli Scripts to convert variable html into 100% valid ezxml into ezxmltext content object attribute by uploading img and a tags into ez images and urls replacing the html tags with content object embed tags.


This solution has been heavily tested.

Request for proposal. We would like to speak with anyone
who might need help with such a solution
as variable html content import.

Features and Statistics

  • Features: Variable HTML Conversion to Valid eZ XML (Without Using html or literal tags)
  • Features: Example Joomla Article SQL Table Data Dump To CSV Script
  • Features: Example Joomla Article CSV File Data To eZ Content Tree Content Objects, Import Script
  • Statistics: Imported over 28,000 content objects from variable csv data both properly and successfully
  • Statistics: Imported over 35,000 total content objects from variable csv data both (including img tag image conversions/uploads)
  • Statistics: Ran successfully, accurately and completely for 8 days consecutively without php or mysql related segfault, memory or other very possible fatal error. Most import scripts have a reputation for crashing badly at times for frustrating reasons. (Thanks GNU Screen)

Brookins Consulting is proud to announce the release of the BC Import CSV extension!


Version 1.0.0


 This branch of the extension is eZ Publish 4.0+ and PHP5.1+ Compatible


If you have any problems you can contact Brookins Consulting.

* Paid installation support, general support and feature development can be purchased directly through Brookins Consulting.

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