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BC Find Content Object

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bcfindcontentobject Brookins Consulting stable 0.4.0 4.4 +
Provides a simple way to lookup content quickly.

Deprecated Note

This extension / solution is now deprecated by the most recent release of the adminaid extension[]=%2F@8&compare[]=%2F@9

Adminaid extension recently incorporated the features of the bcfindcontentobject extension in a much better implementation.

It would be in your interest to use adminaid instead of bcfindcontentobject. 


Does not rely on php search or ezfind.

Instead uses custom sql queries and standard content node/object fetches.

Search By... Content Object Name, User Name, User Email, Object ID, Node ID

Source code is available through the svn repository.

Tested with eZ Publish 4.5 (4.2011)


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